Vichy's Art by Viktor Bevanda

Viktor is a 12 year old semi verbal autistic boy. He hasn't let his limitation in comprehension and verbal abilities limit his artistic talent. His work with oil pastels has turned him into master of nonverbal communication on social media. One of his portraits of Michael Jackson got more than 2 million likes on TikTok @vichys_art

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We sell Viktor's original art and fine prints of his original arts in more sizes. Buy yourself or someone a gift and support Viktor in his journey. All profits from the sales of Viktor`s art go towards more art materials and his on going private therapists – Occupational therapy, speech therapy, his future and donations. FREE SHIPPING IN US. SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR 13-17$

Sky is a limit

So often people think people with disabilities are defined by their disability. That's not true. Autism isn't his name. Viktor is his name. He is a person with talents, values, and beliefs. Thus being art, and that is a beautiful thing.

He uses art to communicate his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. He may not be able to express that, but this way he can. It allows us to see his soul. It allows us to see the beauty in one's mind and heart, when someone may not be able to communicate those feelings in a traditional way. 

About Viktor

Viktor Bevanda is a 12-year-old semi verbal autistic boy. Diagnosed with Autism at an early age, he hasn't let his limitation in comprehension and verbal abilities limit his artistic talent.

Viktor began to show signs of Autism at the age of 2. After a change in behavior testing led to a diagnosis of autism. By the age of 5 parents began to take notice of his talent in art and within a few years his technique developed even though he was self-taught and he started to express himself through his art.

He proves Autism is no barrier to creativity. He has ability to focus on detail and he can understand how colors interact with each other.

He even seems to have his own signature style.

He was raised in Serbia and his parents made a big step in their lives and moved to the USA in the end of 2018. He lives in Aventura, Florida.

All benefits from the sale goes to Viktor and donations. (List of a donations can be seen on the main page).

Read more about Viktor and his family on our BLOG.

Time Lapsed video

How I created a Zebra - Look at Viktor`s YouTube Channel

Look at Viktor`s YouTube channel and see more videos at @Vichy`s Art

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