Big news! At just 15, Viktor has won his first Emmy! 

Imagine the thrill of hearing your name announced as the recipient of one of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. For Viktor, that dream became a reality as he received his first Emmy trophy at The 47th Boston-New England Emmy Awards. His award-winning "Viktor's masterpiece", a story about Viktor and his achievements, was created by Chaos and Kindness/Recycled Percussion.


Meet Viktor, an exceptional talented 15-year-old artist with autism. This gifted young artist is taking social media by storm with his oil pastels of leaf-munching giraffes, basking butterflies, moonlit water lilies, poignant portraits, and soulful-eyed dogs. For Viktor, art is a means of communication and self-expression. He uses art to communicate his thoughts, feelings, and emotions and it allows us to see the beauty in his mind and heart.
The result is stunning expressionist artworks, originals and prints, which you can buy and support Viktor’s talent and his journey. All profits from the sales go towards Viktor’s education, his ongoing therapy, and art supplies which enable him to continue creating.


For our dear customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, and the EU, shipping is available at a flat rate of just $8 for all items from the Prints Collection. We're also thrilled to extend our reach globally, offering worldwide shipping to ensure no one misses out on our exceptional products. From this offer are excluded: metal and acrylic prints and products not listed in this collection. 



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Meet Viktor Bevanda, a child prodigy gifted with an incredible artistic sensibility and talent. In the words of his brother, Viktor sees a much more beautiful world than the rest of us.

Born and raised in Serbia, Viktor was diagnosed with Autism at a very early age, and has struggled with verbal communication his whole life. Being semi-verbal, he has used art to express himself since the age of 5, and the stunning artworks he creates every day are true masterpieces.

A self-taught artist, Viktor has perfected his technique and developed a signature style. His amazing interpretations of the world around him quickly caught the attention of his social media audience. Through sales, Viktor’s family funds his education and ongoing therapy, supporting various charities that help individuals with Autism and their families along the way.

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