Aventura teen on autism spectrum inspires others with his artwork - BY KEVIN OZEBEK, LEISA WILLIAMS (WSVN.COM)

Aventura teen on autism spectrum inspires others with his artwork - BY KEVIN OZEBEK, LEISA WILLIAMS (WSVN.COM)


(WSVN) - His speech is limited, but an Aventura teenager is proving he can communicate in a very special way. Kevin Ozebek shines the light on him in this week’s 7 Spotlight.

Viktor Bevanda lives in a vibrant world of color.

Andrea Bevanda, Viktor’s mother: “Victor began drawing, I think, when he could hold the pen. I think he was 2.”

Visuals were easy for him, but Viktor didn’t speak. When he was 5 years old, his family found out why.

Viktor was diagnosed with autism.

The Bevandas moved to South Florida from Serbia four years ago so Viktor could have better opportunities.

Andrea Bevanda: “We are just happy to be here.”

He is now 13 years old and doing well at a specialized private school in North Miami Beach.

In the afternoon, Viktor gets lost in his bold lines and electric colors.

Andrea Bevanda: “He sees colors much different from other people.”

His palette is a rainbow of colors, making brilliant work of jaguars, elephants, giraffes and monkeys.

His parents say his art speaks for him.

Boris Bevanda, Viktors father: “I see passion, and I see really that he’s happy.”

Viktor’s art went viral on social media during the pandemic. He has more than 37,000 followers on Facebook, 49,000 followers on Instagram and even more on TikTok.

Andrea Bevanda: “He has six million likes.”

When Andrea saw how popular Viktor’s artwork was becoming, she created a website for him. People from all over the world have logged on and bought his art.

Andrea Bevanda: “He had never any lesson in class. He’s self-taught.”

Viktor’s parents print and ship the art out of their home. Some of the money they make is donated. The rest is used to pay for Viktor’s school and build a nest egg for his future.

Boris Bevanda: “He can’t live alone, you know. Now it’s going better and better, and I’m relaxed, I’m much more relaxed.”

By communicating through color, Viktor is inspiring others and drawing a bright future for him and his family.

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