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TURN ANY PET INTO A LOVELY ARTWORK (we accept animals, mostly dogs, horses and cats)


  • 2-3 pictures should be sent before making the purchase to 954-998-8299 and we will let you know if the portrait could be made or not. Close ups and head shots work best!
  • Please message us good quality photos and give us any other information we might need (is your pet male or female?, breed etc.)
  • Turnaround time is 30 + days, depending on previous orders. Let us know if it is URGENT, and if you need it for a specific date.
  • Price and paper size: 14x17” for $1000. 
  • Shipping is not included
  • Shipping time: 3 -7 days to arrived. Tracking number will be provided.
  • Keep in mind that Viktor’s work is unique and that he sees colors and shapes differently. We do not accept special requests.  Viktor has a severe form of autism and his work cannot be influenced. Please understand that because of Viktor’s difficulty with processing language we cannot guarantee he will understand or draw exactly what you have requested - this is a risk you must be willing to take.
  • You will receive the original drawing, with a certificate of authenticity.  However, as with all drawings Viktor creates, his trust retains ownership and we reserve the right to use any image on upcoming products or promotions as well as making prints.
  • These drawings make amazing gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, mothers day, fathers day, or for people who have lost a pet or loved one.

  • Signed and comes with Flyer about Viktor. Not framed.

  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can still get products from our store or gift card.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Quinn Crawford
Custom German Short Hair Pointer

Viktor did an absolutely phenomenal job on our custom submitted photo! It was made for our son who is 5 years old and diagnosed with Autism 3 years ago. A beautiful piece that will be treasured forever!

Boo & King

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my custom art from Viktor!!!! As soon as it arrived I framed it and hung it on the wall. Now I can see my favorite pups from his colorful view everyday 💖💖💖

Giuliano Lavia

Custom artwork $650 (deposit $100) - TURN ANY PET INTO A LOVELY ARTWORK

Jayden Urbach
Beautiful Artwork

I highly recommend Vichy's art, his artwork is beautiful and inspiring.

Jodi Ferguson
My labrador

A beautiful portrait of my sweet dog! I highly recommend Vichy’s art!