I am Viktor and this is my story...

I am Viktor and this is my story...

I am 12 years old.

I have been living in the US for the last two years. I was born in Serbia. It is a country in Europe, small but has great tennis players for which is so famous (btw my dad is an excellent tennis coach, look at his website: bevandatennis.com).

My parents made big step in their lives and moved to the US because of me (they say I didn't have good support in Serbia). I don't know what that means to them, but it is nice to be here. It was nice for me in Serbia as well. In fact, it is always nice to me. I don't complain.

Maybe because I am special. That is what my mom says. I don't know what that means to her?

I do not speak and I am non verbal (this is how others characterize me).  

Mom says how she would love it if I answered her questions at least with YES and NO.  But I'm not talking.  I don't need to talk.  Maybe that's why I'm special!

I'm drawing.  When I take a pencil, words come out of me, but instead of letters on the paper, a drawing appears. Instead of verbs, my drawing speaks, instead of nouns, my drawing is full of characters, animals, flowers, and instead of adjective, my drawing abounds in colors in different shades.

I don't understand when my mom tells me what to draw.  So she finds a picture on the internet and I transfer it to paper.  Sometimes that drawing looks identical to the original picture and that is because I have a photographic memory but I prefer to draw in my way.

Thank you for believing in me and investing in my future.

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