Nonverbal teen with severe autism speaks through vivid paintings you have to see to believe

Nonverbal teen with severe autism speaks through vivid paintings you have to see to believe

We are so incredibly thankful that Viktor’s talent has been showcased and his story shared. This is an amazing example of the kinds of accomplishments people with autism can reach if they get the right support and remain optimistic. It’s also important to remember to stay open-minded where others may not have given someone a chance, as we never know who could be fulfilling their potential. Thank you again Tara Jakeway and WPBF abc25 for doing your part in providing Viktor with this incredible opportunity and encouraging other families facing similar circumstances.

When his hand dances around his easel, sea turtle's shells drip with tie-dye, a fish pops off the page and typically pink flamingo feathers are all the colors of the rainbow.

"We realize that he loved animals, so mostly he's drawing animals," Andrea Bevanda said of her 14-year-old son Viktor, who is severely autistic and nonverbal. But his art is how he speaks.

"I think he's very inspired with Florida that's why he's always drawing turtles," Andrea said.

The family of four moved to South Florida from Serbia when Viktor was 3. That's when he picked up his first Crayon. When his art turned to income, they started giving back.

"We are very proud and we are very happy ... it's not so much for us as it is for others," Andrea said.

For other parents, Andrea offered this advice: "You need to believe in your child, you need to support, and you never know what your child can do."

Victor's artwork will be showcased at Sand And Sea Boutique Jensen Beach starting June 3 and can be bought online always at Vichy's Art Store.

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