Student of the Month

Student of the Month

(Tampa, FL) February 19, 2021
Arts4All Florida is pleased to announce 12-year-old Viktor Bevanda as one of their February 2021 Students of the Month. Viktor is a self-taught painter who uses art as a means for expression and communication, akin to many children on the Autism Spectrum. Viktor was nominated by his mother, Andrea Bevanda Kun. She writes, “[Viktor] is a great artist and he hasn't let his limitation in comprehension and verbal abilities limit his artistic talent.”

Arts4All Florida was wowed by Viktor’s paintings filled with bright colors, expressionistic brushwork, and a deep understanding of his subject’s form. Viktor’s oeuvre includes a variety of representational works, mostly animals, landscapes, and still lives, as well as some famous celebrities and popular media characters. His style is reminiscent of the Modernists works of the late nineteenth and early twentieth- century painters who increasingly focused on the purity of color and form. Viktor gravitated to the arts at an early age and soon after his family recognized his artistic development.

Viktor’s family emigrated from their home country of Serbia in 2018 and have settled in Aventura, Florida. His family moved to the United States so they could have better access to resources for children with specialized needs. According to his family, “[Viktor] proves Autism is no barrier to creativity.” He is able to focus on the details of his work, especially how colors interact with each other. The abundance of Viktor’s work has led his family to create a website where he sells his paintings and prints. Additionally, he tells his story and displays his work on multiple social media platforms while raising Autism awareness.

Arts4All Florida looks forward to recognizing Viktor in our newsletter, highlighting him on our website and sending him a personalized trophy. The Arts4All Florida Student of the Month Program is designed to increase public awareness and recognize the impact arts make on students with disabilities statewide. Students who participate in the arts develop creativity, have increased self-confidence, understand teamwork, have increased language and math skills and are generally more engaged. For more information about the Student of the Month program and others, please visit .

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