Nonverbal 12-year-old boy with autism unlocks artistic gift during pandemic

Nonverbal 12-year-old boy with autism unlocks artistic gift during pandemic

See what Ashleigh Walters has to say about Viktor on WPTV.

During the pandemic, a family discovered a most extraordinary gift in their youngest son. Now, they’ve learned more about him, and been able to share it with the world at large.

Viktor Bevanda is a 12-year-old who loves to draw. He watches his favorite videos at the kitchen table and sketches away for one- and two-hour marathons.

“I think he start to draw when he was age 2 or 3. I think he was very young. He was like baby,” explained his mom, Andrea Bevanda Kun.

The family discovered something new about Viktor in 2020.

“He’s a really fun person to be around. He always giggles. He always laughs,” explained Viktor’s brother, Boris Bevanda. “He sees a much beautiful world than we do.”

The family switched up Viktor’s drawing tools a few times and something really took hold when they offered him oil pastels. The waxy, pigmented sticks can prove challenging at any level, but Viktor’s drawing flourished. His bold, dramatic interpretations of photos he’d seen online filled the page with movement and energy.

“He mixes colors with them and nobody understands how he does it,” Boris explained

While Viktor is known to sing and imitate the sounds from his favorite videos, he’s considered non-verbal and on the autism spectrum.

“You see that he’s not ordinary, he’s so special,” his mom said.

The family started to share Viktor’s work with the world through Instagram and TikTok, garnering millions of likes and follows. The fans became customers of his new website The family came to the United States from Serbia a few years ago. Andrea says she’s proud of her son and how he’s now able to share his abilities with the world, possibly setting him on a path toward supporting himself. She says she now understands her son better than ever before.

“I am so grateful because he find his way to communicate with us through his art,” she said.

Boris says his brother is a wonderful person and he’s amazed by his gifts.

“Yes, he’s sharing a big message. That autism isn’t something that should stop you. You should continue living, continue trying. I think he shows that, with his art,” Boris said.

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